ChemGrout Mix22 Paddle Mixer

The ChemGrout CGMIX22 is a paddle mixer equipped with a vertical shaft and features specially designed blades and baffles to develop a high shear mixing action, insuring a rapid and thorough mix.

  • The paddle rotates at speeds up to 200 RPM.
  • The tank bottoms are sloped toward the outlet slide valve so the thickest materials fall easily into the pump hopper.
  • Each mixer is equipped with baffles, bag breakers , covers and variable speed high-efficiency paddles that provide a rapid mixing cycle.
  • The MIX22 paddle mixer has a 80 litre capacity and is available in a wide variety of power options including: Air, Hydraulic and Electric with a variable frequency drive for speed control.
  • The tank leg height can be specified to meet your jobsite conditions.